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Estudios realizados por la comunidad

Last year from March 28th to April 17th, 2022, we shared with our community a set of questions to understand and know more about discipline in LATAM, having incredible outcomes which we published in our first DesignOps Latam community-conducted study.

Design Professionals from different disciplines provided their input about the role in LATAM. Mostly all participants were leaders (almost 97%), and the rests were individual contributors from 11 different countries who helped us to obtain more than 125 responses; showing that the majority of them are small teams and others on the contrary have more than 100 members in their teams.

The study has a total of 164 pages with an analysis of the tasks performed by the leaders, and the frequency of execution and includes some conclusions and recommendations that motivate to start conversations and focus efforts on where the practice of DesignOps could generate a positive impact on the team and accompany the maturity and growth of the design discipline in Latin America.

Report author: Alexandra Mengoni.
Translated by: Mariana Thames
March 2023

11 Latin American countries
The countries with the highest participation were Colombia, Peru and Chile.



Different variables analized
Each task performed by the design leaders was cross-referenced with the variables of country, industry, team size and seniority.



DesignOps presence
Clear trend: the larger the team size, the greater the presence of DesignOps.

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